The Everlasting Garden

This section changes from year to year so keep checking out our perennials.

Skawski Farms offers perennials in 5” pots to 1-gallon containers. We have ornamental grasses, flowering perennials, and foliage perennials. Keep in mind that every year we are adding new and exciting varieties so you can always find something new for the garden. We grow all of our perennials here on the farm and as with everything all varieties may not always be in stock. Please check ahead on specific varieties. Below are some of the varieties of perennials we offer:

·Aquilegia ·Astilbe ·Buddleia ·Campanula ·Coreopsis ·Delphinium ·Digitalis ·Echinacea ·Gaillardia ·Grasses ·Heuchera ·Lavender ·Lupines ·Monarda ·Papaver (Poppy) ·Perovskia ·Platycodon ·Polemonium ·Rudbeckia ·Salvia ·Shasta Daisy *Prunella *Alcea *Hibiscus *Creeping Phlox *Cranesbill *Stonecrop *Stone Orpine *Oregano *Hellopsis *Garden Phlox *Pincushion Flower *Agastache *Dwarf Butterfly Bush *Scabiosa *Bergenia *Arenarea *Lewisia *Miscanthus *Hordeum Foxtail Grass *Elymus Arenarus