Vegetable Greenhouse and garden planters


With rising costs and higher supermarket prices, vegetable gardens have been become extremely popular these days. We have an ever changing vegetable line so keep checking us out. Many vegetable plants are sold in six packs with the exception of onions. We offer a limited supply of individual 4” tomato pots for the early gardener. Cucumbers, summer squash, zucchini, pumpkins, and melons are offered in peat pots.


*New for 2019* *Black Cherry *Yellow Star *Ace 55 *Snow Berry *Peron Sprayless *Calypso
·Jet Star (Early Tomato) ·Abraham Lincoln ·Big Boy (Late Tomato) ·Better Boy (Mid-season Tomato) ·Fabulous (Mid-season Tomato) ·Yellow Pear (4-6 oz yellow clusters) ·Lemon Boy (Yellow Tomato) ·Supersweet 100’s (Cherry Tomato) ·Jolly Elf (Grape Tomato) ·Early Girl (Early Tomato, Good for hill towns) ·Supersonic (Mid-season Tomato) ·Long Keeper (Storing Tomato) ·Beefmaster (Late Extra Large Tomato) ·Roma (Plumb/Canning Tomato) ·Tyborski (Plumb/ Canning Tomato) ·Soldacki (Polish Tomato) ·Celebrity (Mid-Season Tomato) *Anna Russian *Big Beef *Big Rainbow *Blueberry's Cherry *Box Car Willie *Chocolate Cherry *Delicious *Druzba *Earlyana *Fat Red Cherry *Gardener's Delight Cherry *Gold Nugget Cherry *Great White *Green Tomatillo *Heinz *Heinz Classic Processor *Italian Heirloom *Kellogg's Breakfast *Matt's Wild Cherry *Mortgage Lifter *Polish *Polish Linguisa *Purple Tomatillo *Riesenstraube Heirloom *Russian Black *Russian Red *Sausage *Stupice *Sugar Sweetie Cherry *Super Snow White *Tasty Evergreen *Vinson Watts *Amish Paste *Dusky Cocktail Cherry *Early Doll *Golden Jubilee *Goldie Husk *Ice Cherry *Marmande Paris *Opalka *Sweetie *Sungold *Wapsipinicon Peach


*New for 2019* *Orange Bell *Miniature Red Bell *Miniature Yellow Bell *Emerald Giant *California Miracle Orange *Calypso *Midnight Dreams (black) *Caramel *Gourment *Big Green *Oda *Chinese Giant *Jamaica Scotch Bonnet Red *Espanola Chili
*Fresno Chile (Hot) *Congo Trinidad (Hot) *Chipotle (Hot) *Quadrato d'Asti Rosso (Sweet) *Giant Aconcagua (Yellow) *Lipstick (Sweet) ·Lady Bell (Green Sweet Pepper) ·Sweet Banana ·Summer Sweet (Four-lobed Green Pepper great for stuffing) ·Jalapeno (Hot Pepper) ·Cayenne Large Thick (Hot Pepper) ·Serrano (Chili Pepper) ·Thai Hot (Thai Dragon Hot Pepper) ·Habanero (Hot Pepper) ·Large Red Cherry (Hot Pepper) ·Hungarian Wax (Hot Pepper) *Holy Mole (Hot Pepper) *Tabasco (Hot Pepper) *Anaheim Chili (Hot Pepper) *Alma Paprika *Ancho *Bhut Jolokia *Big Red *Black Hungarian *Feher Ozon Paprika *Georgia Flame *Giant Marconi *Golden California Wonder *Hot Paper Lantern *Hot Portugal *Hot Scotch Bonnet *Jamaica Hot Red *King of the North *Orange Blaze *Pasilla Bajio Hot *Pepperoncini *Red Baron *Sun Bright *White Bell *Yellow Bell *Yolo Wonder *Blue Jay *Buran *Chile de Arbol *Chinese Five Colors *Etiuda Orange *Orange Blaze *Thai Dragon *Carolina Reaper

*Fortex Pole Bean *Montegusto *Endeavour *Golden Goal *Boone *Rocdor

Brussel Sprouts

*New for 2019* *Red Ball
*Diablo *Catskill *Red Bull *Jade Cross


*New for 2019* *Ducati *RS White 174 *Evergreen Bunching
·Trekker ·Montclair ·Red Zeppelin *Talon *Monastrell *Cortland *Riverside *Trailblazer *Solstice *Oloroso


*New for 2019* *Ichabod II
·Shoya Long ·Black Beauty ·Snowy (Long and Thin White Eggplant)


*New for 2019* *Tropic Giant Hybrid
·Cheers (Green Cabbage) ·Red Dynasty ·Spring Crisp *Caraflex *Blue Dynasty *Huron *Red Jewel


·Premium Crop (Regular) *Arcadia *Marathon *Green Magic *Express *Diplomat *Gypsy

*New for 2019* *Evelina
·Green Tower (Romaine) ·Harris Mescalan Mix ·Buttercrunch ·Red Sails (Loose head) ·Black Seeded Simpson (Leaf) *New Red Fire *Green Star *Raider *Red Cross *Trigger *Crispino *Baby Leaf Mingle Mix *Colored Romaine Mix *Harris Blend *Micro Mix *Web's Wonderful


*New for 2019* *Balkonnaya (Leaf)
·Triple Curled (Curly) ·Italian Large Leaf (Regular)



*New for 2019* *Osenniy Gigant
*Carentan *Hannibal *King Richard *Lancelot

Collards *Vates

Kale *Vates *Scarlet


Swiss Chard
*New for 2019* *Perpetual Chard

String Beans

·Yellow ·Green


*Freedom *Danali *Symphony *Vitaverde *Alverda


·Marketmore (Slicing Cucumber) ·Burpless Bush (Slicing Cucumber) *Silver Slicer *Max Pak ·Eclipse (Pickling Cucumber) ·Homemade Pickles (Pickling Cucumber) ·Regal (Pickling Cucumber) *Alibi


*New for 2019* *Jackpot *Grand Prize
*Superpik *Alexandria *Benning's Green Tint *Crookneck *Delicious *Fortune *Golden Summer Crookneck *Mashed Potato *Parthenon *Reward *Scallop Yellow Bush *Sebring *Spaghetti *Supersett *Thelma Sanders *Waltham Butternut *Cucurbita Pepo *Zucchini Elite *Zucchini Gold Rush *Zucchini Green Machine


·Sugar Baby (Pink Watermelon) *Charleston Gray


·Hales Best Jumbo (Salmon Muskmelon) ·Sweet Honey Dew (Green Muskmelon) ·Gold Star (Salmon Muskmelon)

Butternut Squash

·Butternut (Winter Squash)

Acorn Squash

·Table Ace (Winter Squash)


·Sugar Baby (Small Pie Pumpkins)


We have a selection of mostly culinary herbs available in 4 inch pots for planting. Some of the varieties we offer include:

*French Thyme *Orange Thyme *French Tarragon ·Cilantro Santo ·Lemon Balm ·Rosemary ·Savory Summer/Winter ·Oregano ·Sage ·Parsley ·Garden Thyme ·Sweet Marjoram ·Basil (Several Varieties Available)