Potted Plants

Just a few of the things we offer

Our 2024 offerings include: ·Sunpatiens Hangers(Impatiens that thrive in full sun.) *Canna *Creeping Phlox

We offer potted plants in various sizes. Many of these items can also be found in the Do-It-Yourself Section. These are just a few of the many plants sold in 4 ½” pots:

·Double Begonias ·Double Impatiens ·Dracaena ·Geraniums ·Gerbera Daisies ·Heliotrope ·Herbs ·Lantana ·Morning Glory ·New Guinea Impatiens ·Non-Stop Begonias ·Sun Flowers

Some plants sold in 6” pots are:

·Geraniums ·Sunscape Daisies ·Martha Washington’s ·Rosemary Christmas Trees ·Upright Fuschias ·Argyranthemums

Planters, Window Boxes, and Other Containers:

We sell a large assortment of planters and containers for full sun, partial sun, partial shade, and full shade. These containers go from 10” to 30” in diameter. They range from tradition planters with geraniums and spikes to outrageous combinations for the more exotic plant lovers. We also have an assortment of climbing vines on bamboo trellises, including Mandevilla and Susan Vines, which have been very popular in the last couple of years. There is also a full line of cemetery planters available for Memorial Day. We have many ideas for putting together planters for the more creative gardeners that can be found in our Do-It-Yourself Section.